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Fuck You Coronavirus & How to keep your Body Healthy All the Time…

So I am a bit unconventional and those of you who know me, know already.

On any note, I do a few things to keep myself healthy and aligned, most of the year (we all mess up from time to time) so here it goes!

1. Wash your ass. This may seem like something I shouldn’t have to tell you but some may need to hear this again. Be hygienic, wash your hands and be mindful of what and who you are touching – NOT BECAUSE OF CORONAVIRUS because you should love yourself enough to do so.

2. Stop relying on big pharma to help you. I take some things either daily or when I do not feel 100% to get me going again.

a. Melon not so sweet. One thing I take daily is Bitter Melon which helps control blood sugar. I get this from SWANSON. I found this while looking for a natural way to help cancer for one of my cousins. This kills certain cancer cells. Don’t believe me, please look it up!

b. Repair your DNA. Another thing I take a few times a week is Phineus Manna M-11 Formula which is a form of Ormus. This is a great way to start taking it if you are a beginner. I’ve been taking this for over 3 years. 

This repairs your DNA and helps you in many other ways. The brand I trust is Mother Earth Alchemy. I did tons of research on this before buying so take it from me, this is legit. I also suggest looking into monatomic gold on your own time.

c. A spoon full of honey makes the cinnamon go down. When I feel my throat getting weird or sometimes once a week I take a whopping tablespoon of honey, I like Raw Eucalyptus Honey, with cinnamon on top. Any honey and cinnamon will do. 

d. Silver lining. Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic. I take this when I feel it’s necessary. Any time you would think of taking your “regular” antibiotic, this may do the trick for you. Do not take too much, read instructions on the back of the bottle you purchase. I use Ultra Colloidal Silver 30 PPM by healthy body inc.

e. Sizzurp.  Pretty new to the arsenal, a former bandmate gave me a bottle earlier this year. I love this shit! Olbas Cough Syrup is bomb. This is self explanatory.

f. Oreganatto. Now I had come across how great Oregano Oil is a while back, but I had not hopped on it. This year my manager said he takes it everyday and suggested it to me because I had some congestion. I got some Oil of Oregano gel caps 3000mg. I take 2 a day and I feel great!

3. Energy & Balance. We are spiritual beings living a temporary 3D-5D experience. Meditate, breath or get reiki, honestly I don’t care what you do but DO SOMETHING! Sage, lavender incense or crystals are great too if you know how to clean them.

That’s all folks! I’d love to do a video on this soon to add the post.

See you soon and One love!


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6 Ways To Deal With Difficult People | Bullies & Toxic Individuals

How to Deal with Difficult People | Bullies & Toxic Individuals

There are various types of difficult people, some may be toxic to you….

These may or may not include bullies, control freaks, constantly negative rainy cloud people and excessively power tripping individuals.

Best way to deal with difficult people is to inner stand that you can not fix them. You can only fix yourself.

Inner stand that others do not control your emotions or reactions.

So the way you handle these people is completely up to you and YOU inevitably hold all the power.

6 ways to deal with Difficult people, Bullies & Toxic Individuals.

1 . Breath.

No shallow breathing. Hold your breath as if it’s the last breath you are going to take. I am very serious about this.

In this time period your mind and your heart have time to align and act accordingly.

2. Change your paradigm.

After breathing you will be able to change your thought regarding the individual or situation. Changing how you are thinking is key to changing your reality.

3. Nip it the in the butt. Take Action.

If you stay passive about how someone is negatively treating you then it will continue to happen.

Acknowledge what is going on and take massive action. Do it with a smile if you can =)

You can be serious and still be very polite about it.

This is definitely something I am still working to get better at but it is easier with more practice. It is part of our growth.

4. Learn something.

People are reflections. They show us our inner most parts that we may not be able to see without otherwise experience it from the outside.

Reflection can be very deep but in general, it helps aspects of ourselves that we have buried deep down inside and we wish to not deal with.

Reflections can be difficult to inner stand, but when you are able to see that if something bothers you then there is an aspect of yourself that you may mimic in one way or another.

This experience is happening so you can change that aspect of yourself that you haven’t been able to see in that way before.

5. Know your worth.

You will be treated inevitably on how you are vibrating. Know your worth. You are spectacular! Sometimes we may not feel that 100% of the time and it will be manifesting in your world.

When you know your value, people will also know.

6. Be your True Self.

Do not fall into the negative games around you. It takes two to tango and a few more for war.

Continue to have a great attitude. Smiles are contagious. If you let bullies and toxic people change you to be more like them, then they win that battle.

Shine bright and don’t let others discourage you from being true to yourself.

Now if you are dealing with someone who is toxic to your own well being and being abusive, I suggest you separate yourself from them all together.

I will make another show on abuse, narcissists, psychopaths, soulless individuals and how they are all energy vampires.

Stay Tuned for that!

Sorry for my short time off from videos I have been working on several side projects. Some will be revealed here on this channel and others I will let you know on my social networks.

Why the wig? It is Comic Con NY this week! And since i couldn’t make it I am bring my enthusiasm for crazy hair to you here on the web.

!!!Contest Rules!!!

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2. Snap a photo of you being your awesome self.
3. Post on your fav social network.
4. Leave a comment with the link to your photo!


Shine bright Rockstars!

‘Till next time =)

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Don’t Hate Me Because You Are A Douchebag

Don’t Hate Me Because You Are A Douchebag

People sometimes fall in love with their own Douchery. It is amazing. Hey maybe I almost fell in love with my own, well I guess that is another post another time.

Having the pleasure of growing up in southern New York I have had first class seats to some of the best Douche matches around. I mean hey, New Yorkers do have a bad rep for our swift walk, spontaneous nature and an ‘I don’t take shit from nobody’ attitude.

I get it. We can sometimes be unapproachable. Yes we can all be this way. But that is not what this post is about.

This post is about how we react to those who are in their Douchebag mode. Get over yourself!

Over the past few years I have had to detach myself from certain people because I had started going down a different path. I had started to question more things in our world and started learning more about my spirituality.

Now this does not mean I am going to fly to the mountains with the yogi’s and hibernate in the lotus position. This is a journey that continues day by day and I guess until my time is up here. I am in no rush to learn all there is and so I take it all in with a smile. =)

Back to the Douchbags.

Some people that know me, know that sometimes you may get caught in my line of wordily fire that has such colorful soul you could paint a mural with it. Now a days I am taking a more ‘enlightened’ approach. But that does not mean I do not speak my honesty to others even though it may not sound so good to them on the other side.

You hate me because WE are the douchebags.

Well when we get emotionally aroused in a negative way by others, we are actually seeing the reflection that they are showing us of our own behavior that we might not be our own cheerleader about. This sometimes is hard to swallow because we do not want to look at ourselves in that way. But I promise you that once you acknowledge this you are on the right track.

How to learn from the Douche.

That may sound awkward but it works.

I don’t doubt some of you are reading this and are thinking ‘what the hell is wrong with this girl… douche this… douche that…’ well I apologize for those that are not used to this word being used lightly but I am not for the light hearted. This post is for those who can take my shit and maybe marinate in it if it resonates with you.

All things that emotionally strike us as not so sweet are lessons in disguise and we must be grateful for all of them no matter even they make us cry.

Now that does not mean stay in a bad situation because you are learning from it woohoo. If you have learned your lesson then staying in the bad situation or changing something about it will just be crazy town.

We are all here to learn from each other and I am grateful that I have an avenue to share that with all of you and I appreciate all of you for reading.

Till Next time.

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Hello world!

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What is ASLR? | Is it Porn?!

What is ASLR?

Today I talk all about  ASMR it’s origins and how it has become what it is today.

I give you my personal outake on it and how I feel you can benefit from it.


Thanks for watching!

See you next time xo


One Love,


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5 Ways To Manifest Anything You Want!

What’s Up Rockstars?!

Tonight I am going explain to you 5 Ways To Manifest Anything You Want!

Sounds crazy?!

Well I will let YOU be the judge of that!

Watch Below!

Thanks for watching!

See You Next Week!

One Love,


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August Full Moon Fiesta & Crystal Rockout

What’s Up Rockstars?

I am so excited!

The Full Moon on August 26th 2018 is incredible!

I also explain how these energies will have you going towards your true life purpose.

I also get into which two crystals can help you on your way!

See you on the New Moon! xo

Thanks for watching!

One Love,